Imsouane means the bay where the sea rushes.

I visited Morocco several times, mainly to surf. During one of these surf trip, Imsouane was on the map. These photos were taken on the road and at the world famous surf sport in 2017.

Thank you Yann Chatelin for this memorable moment.

#surfphotography #morocco #imsouane

On the road to imsouane

A few seagulls fly over us in the first light of day

A part of the Imsouane village

The famous wave in the Imsouane Bay

Yann Chatelin in Imsouane

Unknown surfer in the bay

Blue taxi in the main street of Imsouane

Chez Boulal in Imsouane

An angy dog protecting the surf spot of Imsouane

The fishing boats in the port of Imsouane

Route avec vue sur le spot

Waiting for the next set in Imsouane

Yann Chatelin with its longboard in Imsouane

Yann Chatelin in balance

Over head wave in Imsouane for Yann Chatelin

Yann Chatelin on a smaller wave in Imsouane

Colorful dwellings in Imsouane

The last wave before leaving

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